High quality and best services to our customers

Maintenance Free

No water filling, no terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits on the top of our batteries. No battery acid stains on driveway pavers or garage floor.


The LiFePO4 batteries have more thermal and chemical stability and they also contain multiple built-in protection functions: over charge protection, over discharge protection, over heated protection, short circuit protection. etc.

Long cycle life

Our LiFePO4 battery capacity is over 80% left after 1C charge & discharge under 100% DOD for 4,000 cycles. The design life is up to 10 years. But the lead-acid battery only has 500 cycles at 80% DOD.

5 year warranty
Love 14-51 offers 5 – year warranty service to ensure the professional technical support and replacement for Love 14-51 golf cart batteries.


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